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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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two lanes of northbound 101 are closed this morning in san mateo. we'll have the latest on the fatal crash. and one man is dead, another in jail after a road rage incident in livermore. the victim taken to not one but two local hospitals. i'm christie smith. we'll explain coming up in a live report. and the san francisco police department's latest black eye has criminals waking up free today. good morning, i'm marla tellez. hear what a couple of them had to say as they walked out of the jail last night coming up. and a live look outside this morning. the sun is coming up as you check out the south bay. we have seen fairly clear skies, but there are clouds coming in. christina was talking about rain imminent in some parts of the east bay. we'll have the details today, thursday, march 10th, on "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it is straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with christina this morning. we want you to get to work right on time this morning as tomorrow is friday. so close to the weekend now. we do have some showers coming down in northern california, mostly north of chico and sacramento this morning. if you are headed up into the central valley, we are going to see showers throughout the day all across the state. i would say, in fact, north of fresno showers for today. but what we can expect in terms of the bulk of the moisture coming through the bay area is not looking to arrive until 9:00 a.m. in the north bay spreading south heading through about noon. then i think by noon we'll see the most active time when it comes to wet weather here in the bay area. after that a lot of clearing happens by this evening. just one cell leftover at 5:00 p.m. and the whole thing clears out of here by tonight. it will leave us with a fairly nice friday. we'll talk about your temperatures and what's to come
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for the weekend coming up. but mike inouye is following a serious situation for us this morning. good morning, mike. good morning, christie nachlt we'll take you to the peninsula with a sigalert continuing for northbound 101 after a deadly accident happened this morning in the 5:00 hour. we had a motorcyclist involved with a few other cars. now we have your two fast lanes blocked, the two left lanes north of 92. there's the backup. 92 is your way around this as well aside from the human fact that we are wore royed about the people involved there, the folks are commuting along the peninsula. get out of the area and head over to 280 between 92 up to 380 where you connect back over to san francisco international airport. if you are coming over from the san mateo bridge, look at the folks with the taillights heading through the area as well. there you go. that will cause more congestion. we'll follow this one. back to you. 6:02 right now. this morning one man is dead and another is in jail in what police are calling a case of violent road rage in the east bay. christie smith is now in castro
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valley this morning where the victim died. very serious. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is really a series of odd events set off by a very violent road rage incident in livermore. the man who died, the victim is a man in his 40s. his name has not been released, but after he was stabbed he visited not one but two different medical centers. the victim died at eden medical center in castro valley four hours after livermore police learn that he was stabbed. eden here in castro valley has an emergency room. the man drove himself to a first medical center, valley memorial in livermore yesterday afternoon, right after he was stabbed. the hospital staff apparently notified livermore police who say the man was then taken by ambulance to eden because valley is not a designated trauma center. and the signs out front clearly say no emergency services. and that was certainly what was needed after police say 41-year-old colt holbrooke was
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driving a pickup truck and got into a traffic-related fight with a man on old first street in livermore. during the fight police say holbrooke who works as an engineer stabbed the man and a knife was found at the scene. holbrooke was booked on suspicion of murder at the santa rita jail in dublin. and livermore police are still asking anyone who witnessed anything to please give them a call. reporting live in castro valley, christie smilt for "today in the bay." we have an update on the string of smash and grab robberies in palo alto we have been telling you about. there were several new ones last night. police say four window smash car burglaries happened within an hour just last night in two restaurant parking lots along el camino real. the thieves took laptops out of rental cars in each case. police have seen an increase in the robberies over the past three months. so far officers have not been able to release the description of any possible suspects. this morning san jose is moving forward with a man to cut down the city's estimated 110
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pot clubs to ten. and it will issue permits to the few that will remain in a very unusual way. city leaders have called for an april 12th meeting to decide how to cut back the number of pot clubs in san jose and restrict where they can operate. mayor chuck reed wants to auction the permits for the ten pot clubs on e-bay. some medical marijuana proponents say ten is too small a number in cities like san francisco and sacramento where they allow three times that number. well, it is nothing new for bay area companies to go public, but in this case it is the type of industry going public that's really creating quite a buzz. two medical marijuana start-ups in california are planning initial public offerings. peterson's grow technology limited in oakland and general cannabis incorporated in costa mesa. the companies are trying to sidestep federal laws because they don't grow marijuana but rather focus on services and technology designed for marijuana use. we are following new developments this morning in the alleged san francisco police
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department scandal. several officers are accused of illegal arrests and falsifying reports. because of that several suspected criminals are free this morning. marla tellez is live in san francisco with a look at the fallout from this growing scandal. marla? >> reporter: brent, good morning. just yesterday they were inmates. today they are free. in all, 57 cases dropped by the san francisco district attorney's office. some of those suspects walked free men, as free men, out of the jail last night. some of them will do that today. now, the latest scandal involves a drug investigation that happened at the henry hotel here in the city. that investigation was caught on surveillance tape and released by the public defender's office last week. it centers around a plain clothed narcotics unit accused of carrying out illegal searches and arrests, lying on police reports and lying under oath. the dismissed case involves both
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misdemeanors and felonies, most are drug-related but some include robbery and theft. one of the men we caught up with last night as he was walking free says he was arrested last month while just walking down the street. >> thank goodness god is good because i know i'm not trying to commit no robbery. i have been in prison for robbery, but that's been like 25 years ago. but what these guys gave me was and it of robberies,cc1: was all bunk information. >> the case is dismissed due to of the police officers. your case is dismissed. >> reporter: so you're out? what do you think about that? >> they can re-file, but i hope not. >> reporter: that is true, all the dropped cases can be re-filed. the interim police chief says seven officers and one supervisor are on administrative leave, but so far none are facing charges.cc1: now, here is an interesting element. all of the dropped cases so far
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took place when the current casconet attorney george cc1: was the san francisco police chief here. he says the officer will be prosecuted accordingly if it is found they broke the law. live in san francisco this tellez for "today in the bay." >> do you know who gets to decide if there could be a thisict of interest if allcc1: happened under kas gascone's watch. there's a whethercc1: conflict of interest? >> reporter: to tell you the truth, i'm working to figure that out? that's a tough situation all cc: around. you, marla.1: right now.:08cc1: california democrats are working on a plan to make some mortgage of thecc1: public record. san francisco mayoral candidate phil tinge and bob wakowski are throwing their support behind ab-21. it will make deeds of trust part of the public record to allow the public to know who holds the
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debt on any property. the announcement comes as the federal government weighs in to kill the bill helping with affordable help. governor jerry brown is missing his target deadline on the budget but he might actually use that to his advantage when it comes to new negotiations. the governor is asking state democrats to delay a vote that was seat set for today on the state budget. then he can try to win over a few more republicans. at least five republican senators will come back to the negotiating table with brown but they say they want to see several changes in his current budget plan. and they include a spending cap, pension reforms and a tax code reform as well. chronicle readers may have noticed a surprising forsale sign in the morning papers this week. a property within walking distance to union square with more than 600 rooms. the notice of public sale is for the westin san francisco on third street meaning the hotel is about to be foreclosed on and
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sold off or creditors are trying to restructure the payment plan. the wall street journal reports the hotel is joubtly jointly owned by a goldman sachs firm and a dallas investment firm. the company racked up millions of dollars in debt after buying the property in 2006 for $178 million. the time is 6:10. we want to check in with christina to take a peek at the forecast. we have been talking about the rain. it doesn't sound to be a big whopper, though. >> by no means is it a whopper. we are going to see probably about .200, maybe up to .10 along the peninsula. .25 in the north bay. the showers we are expecting from this system right here are going to move in quick and leave just as fast as they came in. this is what we are throughcc1: the timeline. your day forecast here. by 9:00 a.m. the moisture moves in. we have clear skies across the the clouds from the leading edge of the system in.pushingcc1:
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by noon today we are expecting most of the moisture to come through the bay area. the whole thing clears out of here by 5:00 p.m. no yellows embedded in the forecast to indicate more moderate rain. it will all be light today and the whole thing clears out by this evening. picking up more moisture on the doppler radar. you could find slick conditions out there. we already have an issue on the roadway. we'll check that out with mike inouye. good morning, christina. i'm checking out the chopper shot here. i'll show that to you in a second. here's the map because of the sigalert called for highway 101 north of highway 92. we have only two lanes open right now. there's been a deadly accident involving a motorcycle and a few other passenger vehicles. there's over a half dozen chp officers on the scene. the coroner has also been called for the invest. the lanes will be closed for close to an hour or at least 7:00. we are looking at 280 as your alternate.
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280 to connect, 380 to get back. they have reached the peninsula side over san mateo. here's a shot of 101 in a few seconds. we'll come back with a good shot of the backup. meanwhile, here's a rest of the area. the commute is building up. no problems for 280 and the rest of the peninsula. you are okay approaching san mateo. coming south to san mateo you have to use something other than 101. here highway 4 through antioch we have the slowdown as well. typical as you head over to antioch out of the 80 towards love ridge street. here's a shot of the chopper, i want to end the report with this backup on 101. you can see things jammed up heading north of 92. there you go approaching the scene of the deadly accident. only two lanes open at dore avenue. if you have to get to the city passing by 92, take 280 as your alternate past san francisco international airport. 380 is your alternate. oh, my gosh, that's a huge problem through the 7:00 hour. time now is 6:12. still to come on "today in the bay," caltrain thinks that it can get a new life if it can
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so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. this is the scene of an accident that happened this morning. it really is causing a traffic mess up on 101 near san mateo. it is just north of 101 there north of 92. it was a fatal accident. two several cars and a motorcycle was on the scenement. we'll continue to follow this. >> there are lanes closed there on 101 because of this. we now know why seagulls have been dying in the port of san francisco.
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we are told it is because of an overdose of mold. the birds are dying at pier 94 because they inhale unusually high amounts of a naturally forming fungus found in decaying vegetation. for more than a decade more than 20 seagulls a month have been found dead at the port, thou they know why. pay area transportation officials are looking to keep caltrains running until 2012 because that's when there's an election. and that is when tax measures to support caltrain could be placed on the ballot. options could include increasing fares and diverting funds from construction projects into caltrain. caltrain faces a $30 million budget deficit. they want to reduce services in nearly half of its weekday trains and then weekend service could be eliminated. it could get more expensive to park your car in one peninsula city. redwood city officials are considering doubling metering rates and extending the
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operating hours past 6:00 p.m. to close the $1 million deficit in parking funds. a fee hike along with computerized meters would drive more business away. redwood city has the lowest rates than any other nearby city. cool stuff here, the san francisco zoo is going today buy the newest family member, a baby koala. zoo officials will introduce the newborn this morning. we have some pictures, we have a glimpse of the little guy there. he was born in san francisco at the zoo, the first koala born there in over a decade. a baby koala climbs into the mother's pouch and hangs out there after birth. so you don't see them until maybe seven months later. then they start to finally e merge and come out. so we are going to get our first look at the little guy. that's why he's been incognito. now he's ready to pop out to see the world. check him out. 6:17 right now. we want to check out the forecast. it is sunny and then raining
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again. >> yes, we have rain, but the good news is you don't have to water the eucalyptus today. the rain will do the watering for you. we are not expecting a whole lot of it, but definitely enough to get out there or keep you from getting out with the water later today. 40 degrees in santa rosa right now. i was just taking a live look at san francisco. you can see the leading edge of the system of low pressure that is going to bring us the moisture on its way to the bay area. so we'll show you that in a minute. for today our temperatures are expected to end up in the upper 50s and low 60s. we will see a little bit of rain, but it is the cloud cover to keep us cool today. 60 degrees in san rafael. 60 degrees in redwood city. and 58 degrees in san francisco. so you'll probably need that jacket. maybe something with a hoodie to protect yourself from the showers that come through. the bulk of the moisture is expected to arrive at about noon. as of friday, sun and clouds. don't forget, when you make your
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way home from work you can catch the giants here on nbc. it is 6:05. then saturday at 9:00 in the morning we are celebrating ireland. the dublin parade as we bring in st. patrick's day early saturday at 9:00 a.m. then don't forget, spring forward. we lose an hour of sleep. are you excited? i am. >> you make it sound so much fun. >> yippee. >> thank you, sunshine. just released pictures are giving us a new look at san francisco in the weeks after the 1906 earthquake in color. and in less than 24 hours away they will sell the ipad2. we'll tell you where you can get it tomorrow. and here's the scene from 101 with the sigalert and the deadly accident. the backup is so bad you need to find an alternate ut mi coatoh thk ug ngth up. i love america,
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all right, folks, you are looking at northbound 101. that looks like a parking lot. all but two lanes are blocked after a deadly accident on the northbound side in san mateo at dore avenue. there's a motorcycle down. it looks like the driver is the one who has passed as a result of this accident, but we don't have confirmation on this specifically who died as a result of this. we know the coroner has to arrive on the scene to conduct the investigation. there are the emergency crews. there are the flares. we have all the distraction and just two lanes north of highway 92. as a result, we see the activity
6:23 am
going on here. that will take about another 45 minutes to an hour to clear at the very least. still waiting for the update at chp. this is north of 92. as a result, use 92 over to 280 and through el camino. it is a surface street. we'll take you up to 380 if you take interstate 280 and cross ver to san franciscocc1: international airport. meanwhile on the san mateo bridge, that's an issue as well with congestion at the interchange, but the bay bridge is also an east/west connector moving pretty smoothly. no metering lights yet, but more folks will be heading there. note the metering lights just turned on. there's the backup going already back to the mid-parking lot. the ripple effect, you guys, that's what happens with the morning commute. we'll follow this throughout the course of the morning. thank you very much. 6:23 right now. san francisco is making sure its students do not miss their bus. the city recently approved a plan to distribute 12,000 free
6:24 am
muni passes to low-income families. it will set up community clinics in the bay, mission and chinatown community districts. 20,000 students use public transportation just to get to school and rates for youth passes have increased 100% over the past year. a new treatment could help thousands of people who suffer from lupus. the food and drug administration has approved the first drug in more than 50 years to treat that disease. lupus is when the immune system attacks healthy organs and joints. the new treatment suppresses the condition just enough to control the attacks, but it is not cheap. patients could pay more than $30,000 per year for that drug. we are used to seeing pictures of the damage from the 1906 earthquake in stark black and white, but now we are seeing the first color pictures of the devastation. they were taken from a hotel six months after the 1906 earthquake. the camera used a culmination of red, green and blue mirror filters that were stored and forgotten about at the
6:25 am
smithsonian museum. someone recently found them and officials decided to release them. the curtain is going up yet once again that a los angeles courtroom is seeing lindsay lohan with more legal drama this morning. she faces jail time on stealing a necklace from an upscale boutique. john cadiz klemack is live in los angeles this morning. john, is lindsay lohan expected to take a plea deal on this? i heard she didn't want to. >> reporter: well, it is kind of being a chicken, if you will. she says she will only take a plea deal if it doesn't include jail time, but any plea deal she agrees to will include some sort of jail time. obviously a big event for the folks around here. the media has been set up here, most of the pop rat paparazzi is here. even if there's a plea deal, he's not going to settle for anything that doesn't include jail time. and if there isn't a plea deal,
6:26 am
lohan could be headed to jail as she awaits for trial. this is possible the judge today will set a date for a preliminary hearing at which point the prosecution lays out its evidence against her. if lohan loses the case, she could be looking at six months behind bars. the judge is supposed to consider whether or not this constitutes a break in her probation status. court time is set for 9:00 this morning. folks are getting ready with the cameras set up outside the courthouse just in case somebody comes out before the hearing. otherwise at 9:00 it will start. we'll continue to update you as it progresses. time to go to scott now. >> you know the internet scams you have seen probably a million times before. i represent some government minister or whatever who had $10 million and needs to get out of the country. we need your help. they are called 409 cams. the latest one uses hosni must beback's mubarak's name.
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here's a guy who actually led a revolution throwing a dictator out of office. and even he gets the spam about dictators. tomorrow we see the ipad2. when you look at your watch, we are less than 24 hours away from the sale. apple says it will start selling the device at 1:00 a.m. then it will probably be picked up starting at 5:00 in the afternoon at an apple store on friday. will you get yours? we have talked to apple. they are not being specific as to how many each store is getting. so maybe yes, maybe no. a couple of options here, you can order online and then probably pick it up at an apple store tomorrow. you can just go to the apple store. this seems like a bad plan, but you can do that. best buy says it will have the ipad2 as well. then verizon and at&tshs have them tomorrow, but not the cheaper wi-fi versions. obviously, they are interested in selling the one with the chip
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chopper over the scene of that fatal accident on 101. as you can see there, it is kind of near the 92 area and 101. and traffic is really backed up. we have only one lane moving through as they investigate and move that through, but the backup extends for several miles. as mike pointed out, this is going to have a ripple effect lasting all morning long. he's got an update for us coming up in just a few more minutes. and the latest scandal to rock the san francisco police department has criminals waking up free today. good morning, i'm marla tellez. we'll hear from one of the men as he took his first steps to freedom coming up. one man is dead, another in jail after a very violent road rage incident in livermore. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you why the victim went to not one but two hospitals. >> reporter: and a live look outside as we mentioned to look at the morning commute.
6:32 am
of course, we have changing weather conditions. it is thursday, march 10th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. it is 6:32. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll check the forecast right now with christina. >> good morning to you. we have changes on the way. we have not had a lot of sunshine all over this week, but we are going to see a little bit today. we've got breaks of sunshine in the forecast. mostly cloudy conditions. and a few showers will come down, mostly between about noon and 6:00 p.m. right now the shower activity is starting to push into the bay area, but it is very light. and what we are seeing is really evaporating before it makes its way to is the surface. watch out for slick conditions over the bay bridge. take it easy out there. and we are expecting a pretty wet bay area as we head through this afternoon. by 9:00 a.m. the showers start up in the north bay spreading south by about noon.
6:33 am
we'll see the showers move through then. let's go to mike now. we are jamming up from highway 92. here's a live picture here with chopper over the scene. this is at dore avenue north of highway 92 causing a backup to the interchange. two cars in this shot with major front end damage. there's also a fully dressed motorcycle there. all but two lanes are blocked. this is how folks are funneled over to the right side of the screen. you are jammed up to 92. folks are bugging out any way they can to get on el camino real. there's the backup into san mateo. this is affecting your drive on the approach from hillsdale at the very least. we'll take you to the maps, 280
6:34 am
is your alternate into the city. that's moving smoothly, but it could send folks up to the bay bridge. this is moving pretty nicely as far as the connectors. the metering lights are turned on, but the freeways are okay. 880 is the first to see the increase in volume. a live look shows you northbound with the headlights coming up past the coliseum from the 92 interchange. we don't see any major slowing but we'll watch as folks bug out of san mateo over the east bay on the san mateo bridge and up to the city. we could see an issue there as well. that's not a wide decision, just take 280. in the meantime, new developments in the fallout over an officer misconduct scandal at san francisco. some criminals were just released overnight. marla tellez is here with reaction from a few men back out on the streets this morning. marla? >> reporter: brent, good morning. take a look at this. it is a long list of the dozens of cases that were just dropped by the san francisco district attorney's office yesterday. now in all 57 cases dropped.
6:35 am
this means potentially that many suspects will walk free from this jail, some did overnight, and some may today. now, the latest scandal involves a drug investigation that happened at the henry hotel here in san francisco. it was all caught on surveillance tape. at issue a plain-clothed narcotics unit accused of carrying out arrests, lying on police reports and lying under choate. the dismissed cases involve misdemeanors and felonies, most are drug-related, but some include robbery and theft. we had a crew here last night when the first round of suspects was released. anthony marshall says he was arrested for robbery last month but says he's innocent. >> it was bad what they did, you know what i'm saying. i think we need some better cops in the system. but god is good, because i'm on my way home. >> reporter: all of the dropped cases can be re-filed.
6:36 am
the interim police chief says seven officers and one supervisor are on administrative leave, but so far not one is facing charges. keep in mind, all of the dropped cases took place when the current d.a., that's george gascone, was the san francisco police chief. he says all officers will be prosecuted accordingly if it is found they broke the law. now, again, more suspects could walk free from this jail today. it is also important to keep in mind the scandal could continue to grow which means more cases could be dropped. live in san francisco, marla tellez for "today in the bay." thank you, marla. it is 6:36 right now. a case involving hundreds of people claiming they were sexually molested in the archdiocese of los angeles will be heard today. the judge will hear arguments on the requests that confidential files of priests accused of sexually abusing children be made public. the plaintiffs say this includes that the sealed files be released. the final preparations for
6:37 am
barry bonds' perjury trial are just a week away. attorneys will be in court today to go over jury instructions. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury about steroid use and the trial on that is set to start march 21st. the this morning we have a stunning case of road rage in the east bay. a livermore engineer is accused of stabbing another drive to death after getting into an argument. "today in the bay" ice kri christie smith is live in castro valley. we are hearing the victim went to two hospitals before he died. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is an odd story to follow. it started with a road rage incident in livermore that turned into a stabbing and ultimately the victim was brought here to eden medical center in castro valley. but this was the second medical center that he had arrived at since being attacked yesterday. now, eden does have an emergency room and this is where a man in his 40s, the victim, was taken by ambulance yesterday around
6:38 am
1:40 in the afternoon. after he showed up on his own at valley memorial in livermore. he apparently drove himself there wounded. police say staff alerted them to what was going on but he was transported because valley is not a designated trauma center and the sign clearly out front services.ergencycc1: but it is close to where the attack on old first street at c: 1:40 in the afternoon. police say 41-year-old colt holbrooke was driving a pickup truck and got into an argument with a guy in a chevy cavalier.: they say holbrooke was an engineer and stabbed the man and the knife was found at the scene. olice in livermore are sayingc: that while road rage certainly is not all that unusual this certainly was in the matter that was so violent. they are also asking anyone who may have seen anything in the area yesterday to please give them a call. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith for "today in the bay." thank you very much, christie. 6:38 right now. we have new developments this morning as the defendant in the
6:39 am
de anza rape college lawsuit is dropped from the case. the man was accused of negligence. two other men were cleared earlier this week leaving six out of the original nine defendants. several former members of the deanza baseball team are accused of gang raping a girl from back in 2007. we have new video of the san bruno explosion that is considered to be the epicenter of the blast. that was amateur video uncovered during the ntsb investigation. you can hear the hissing sound there. the video comes six months after the deadly explosion. yesterday survivors gathered to say what happened will always be a bitter memory. >> the friends i lost that died in this fire. they should have never died, and
6:40 am
my home and other people losing their homes. that's the hardest thing. >> some people are not going to return to the neighborhood, but others say they do plan to rebuild on the exact same spot. >> a tough video to watch of such a devastating thing. >> so amazing to see that so up close. we want to check the forecast today. we had sun early this week was but the rain is making a comeback. >> good morning to you. we have a lot happening this weekend. a lot of people concerned about the forecast. you know what, i think saturday will be okay. we'll get you through today. you have to get to work today and tomorrow and then we get to celebrate the weekend. i know i'm excited about it. we do have showers coming down to the north of the bay area right now. and a little bit of action is starting to push onshore. we are noticing a little bit of rain coming down over places like oakland, but that situation is not really going to take shape until later on this morning. i'm thinking about 9:00 a.m. the bulk of the moisture will arrive in the north bay spreading south
6:41 am
as we head throughout the day. we are concerned about the moisture-rich atmosphere out there. we are talking about the development of fog. it is not too bad, but just like yesterday we had perfect visibility to start you out in the morning. and then once the sun came up that fog developed. so right now we are looking good, but of course we'll as we want for youcccc1: you to get to work on time and safely. 47 degrees in oakland right now. turning over to the 60s later on today. 59 degrees in san jose. not a lot of wet weather out there, but we have a serious situation. we'll get to mike inouye right away. good morning, christina. we have the sig alert on the peninsula. we have the live chopper shot to we are talking : about. backup on ther the cc1: maps is because of the accident. as 1:roner is on the scenecc well as a lot of emergency crews. and the camera shot just widened out for us to show you this. you can see smoke as well on the scene. like theycc1: are putting flares, that's what happening there as far as the smoke.cc1: but the media is out there causing distraction for the northbound side. a big, big backup coming on
6:42 am
northbound 101 before you get to highway 92. the shot as it backs up has shown people getting off the freeway and hitting san mateo city streets. watch for that throughout san mateo. 280 is a great alternate. stay clear of the area near 380 and crossing over to san francisco international airport and 101. that's where they join back up with the commute into the city. that's moving smoothly now. the rest of the east bay and south bay are looking good. we'll show you the bay bridge because as more folks avoid the san mateo bridge into the mess, this backup is heavier than we expect to see at 6:40. the metering lights are making it slower. we see the back yum forming very quickly there. bullying is taking center stage this morning at a first of its kind conference. it gets underway at the white house. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., this morning with a preview of that bullying prevention conference. tracie, this is a big issue for the white house to take a serious look at it.
6:43 am
>> reporter: it definitely is. the fact they have the conference is raising the awarest. let me give you a statistic to put it in perspective. according to the national education association, 160,000 students skip school every day in this country because they are afraid of a bully. that's part of what they want to talk about today. this morning we are getting more details about exactly what's going to happen today. they are bringing together all stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, community groups and other organizations to not only talk about the problem but what can be done about it. they want to talk about programs that work. for example, these are some of the ones we have learned about just this morning, using artificial intelligence to detect online bullying. a new facebook initiative that will allow social reporting to happen much, much easier. and using civil rights laws to enforce some laws that are already on the books. most states like california already have a law against bullying. california's has been around now
6:44 am
for about eight years. there are a handful of states that still don't. all of these things in the mix today as the white house sits down to taked a leadership role to stop bull will bullying among the schools and students. thank you, tracie. >> a new poll looks at the quality of life in san francisco. plus, a bay area youth hockey team is accused of trying its best not to win a game. a live look outside this time over the south bay this morning. a little bit of rain headed across the bayen ae where coming up.we'll check en ae where comig up.
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welcome back. it is 6:47 right now. you are looking at live pictures of the investigation as it continues. the reason for the sig alert on 101 is a deadly accident that occurred during the 5:00 hour. it will take quite a bit of time to clear it. i'll have more reports coming up. a new poll shows the quality of life is on the rise in san francisco. the chamber of commerce polled 500 san francisco voters on everything from jobs and the economy to city government. 15% say their quality of life is better than it was last year. and 49% say it stayed pretty much the same. 44% say the city is headed in the right direction. the city also looked at major issues affecting san francisco and voters ranked homelessness and panhandling as the number
6:48 am
one issue. that was followed by the city budget, education and the economy. the coaches of the south bay youth hockey team are under investigation this morning after being accused of telling their players to throw a game. this is video from the february 27th game. the santa clara blackhawks are in white. they were playing a team from southern california. the allegation is the team was playing to lose. by losing a team from l.a. apparently got a tougher draw in league playoffs. anger over the game spilled on to the facebook page. there's a group called i hate santa clara blackhawks. the hockey association is investigating the incident. the baseball scene now, the couple ill see acc1: familiar faces when they play the reds today. former manager dusty baker and world series mvp edgar renteria cincinnati now. san francisco coming off a nice quality win over the cubs yesterday. barry zito made a case for why
6:49 am
giants could keep him around after the pitching of five shutout innings.cc1: don't forget, if you want to see the giants play, turn on your tv tomorrow right here on nbc at 6:05. ccthen.1:atch the giants take a look at what we are watching right now, you can see the leading edge of this system of low pressure that's moving in. is,1:cc1: right here, you just saw it live from the san francisco camera. it will start to get active here showers rth bay wherecc1: will start pushing through. right now it is just becoming cloudy. we do have a little bit of activity, not a lot, but a cell is situated over oakland bring light rain. we are not expecting a lot, but enough to make the outdoor plans today. we have some fog out there. watch out for reduced visibility in the east bay this morning.
6:50 am
43 degrees in livermore turning today.o 58 later on cc1: today does not look like a great day for outdoor plans. tomorrow looks better. we'll take you through your weekend in detail because we have changes on the way. way, but it the cc1: ooks like it will come just in: time for us to get through the dublin parade without any problems. it shouldn't be raining on the dublin on saturday as we celebrate the st. patrick's day this weekend. the real day isn't until next thursday. somebody who loves more rain and snow coming down is our own joni lynch. hey, joni. >> reporter: good morning. from coming to you livecc1: the top of mammoth mountain. we are standing here mid-mountain. we want to take advantage of the early sunlight to show you the ski area.cc1: this is something we don't always get an opportunity to show you at this hour. mammoth has just had a fantastic season. we have a base depth of 12.5 to 19 feet. a lot of packed powder.
6:51 am
mammoth has lots of groomed trails and terrain parks, so there's something for everyone here.cc1: we are expecting to have a long season. in fact, we could stay open as late as june or july this year. so lots of time to come over to mammoth. you can check out all the information at back to you, christina. >> thank you, joni. that looks awesome out there. when you consider we are only two weeks away from the official start of spring, we could see snow and skiing up there until june. we'll take it. back to you guys. got to love it. 6:51 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," charlie sheen could be unemployed but he's looking to hire someone. find out how you can land a job as his intern. and a controversial hearing about a radical muslim is getting underway in washington, d.c., this morning. and we are still keeping our eyes on 101 at 92, the northbound lanes near san mateo. several lanes closed due to a fatal accident this morning. it will take a while to open the
6:52 am
lanes as it is causing a traffic nightmare. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. it is 6:54. you are looking at the scene of the accident we are following here. a deadly accident here on northbound 101 causing huge backups past dore avenue and third avenue. we are seeing some cars started to be loaded up on the tow truck, but the backup has started. even if this clears by 7:15, it will be just in time for the backup to start which kicks off on the peninsula anyway. you have a slow drive northbound. we are told the backup starts before hillsdale. 280 will keep you completely clear. we'll get back to the map to
6:55 am
show you what to do. stay off 101. looking at the peninsula, no delays for the speed sensors. the 280 interchange is causing a problem as well because folks from the east bay are heading over to the san mateo bridge. he's a live shot of the san mateo bridge, it is getting worse near the interchange. we'll track this on twitter and facebook throughout the morning. a hearing is set to get underway at capitol hill today to investigate radical muslims in the united states and the threat they pose. new york congressman peter king organized that hearing. he has been called everything from a hero to a bigot. king says raid calls are recruiting muslims right now to become terrorists in the united states. he says it is his job to investigate that. he says most mosques are led by radicals and muslims are not helping authorities to root out potential terrorists. >> i'm aware of virtually no cooperation from leaders in the muslim community. >> i will challenge him to come up with any evidence supporting
6:56 am
that. >> that was minnesota's keith ellison, the only muslim in congress. he will also testify today along with relatives of two men believed to have been recruited. muslim leaders cite a duke study finding 40% of terror plots are thwarted because they do get tips from within the muslim community. 6:56 right now. you may have seen a controversial television commercial running in the bay area right now. it takes aim at immigrant workers but not those who usually catch all the grief. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is here with a look at a story she is working on for tonight. >> reporter: the 30-second television ad is running in the bay area and will for the next few weeks. so there's a good chance you'll catch it if you haven't already. it is immigration-related, but it focuses on legal immigrant workers, not illegal, but legal immigrant workers. and that is what makes it so controversial. essentially, the message is legal immigrants are taking jobs in the state when unemployment
6:57 am
is an overwhelming problem. >> but what about these workers? legal foreign workers. they take good jobs in places like california. we need to slow legal immigration. >> reporter: now, it is one of those ads that gets people talking. so tonight at 11:00 i'm explain who is responsible for the ad and then while controversial, why it raises a responsible discussion. brent and laura? >> thank you, marla. meantime, immigration is an issue that touches the heart of high-tech industry. scott mcgrew is here now to take a look at that. >> i'm looking forward to that report. marla does a good job with those. the duke university study says a quarter of tech start-ups creating american jobs are started up by immigrants. google started by a russian, down $7.83 this morning. hungarian immigrants started intel. tesla motors was created by a south african down 2.5% this
6:58 am
morning. speaking of jobs, charlie sheen is hiring. sheen who we can all claim as our own born in new york city and has posted a job to >> that will do it for us. have a great day. restora helps heal my symptoms. weof corne-10 s cortizone-10 -- feel the heal.
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